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Watching all of your favorite heroes and villains all dressed up in shining tuxedos with a glass of champagne in their hands and playing cards at the table has always been fascinating to almost all of us. In fact, the fascination is so much that all of us fancy ourselves doing the same at some point of time in our lives or the other. This whole process is easy apart from the fact where you sit at a table playing cards and betting your money. Playing poker sounds easy, but the truth is far from reality. It requires a very clear understanding of the slot online, bets, the draws, the possibilities of your hand beating all other hands, and above all, it needs mastery at a skill called ‘playing the man’ because at the end of all the maths and statistics, it all comes down to who bluffs the best on the table and does not have a poker face to show for it. So, let’s try and establish a step by step guide for how you can master the game of skills and deceiving.


Before doing any sort of task, it is always recommended that one first gain a little experience in it and poker is no exception to that. Before betting your actual, hard-earned money on online betting tables, why not learn the tricks of the trade with virtual money. Even if you lose millions in practice, no harm done right! In fact, you only get to learn that poker can all of a sudden shift the odds from one person to the other just in the flip of a card. 

Once enough confidence has been garnered, it is time to play for real money game slot online , but don’t just venture off on the highest stake and buy-in tables. Even while playing online for real money, initially play only at low stake tables because again, if you lose money, it’ll not burn a hole in your pockets. At the same time, this shall also enhance your experience level and once this experience meter is full, you can finally play at the big pot tables because now you at least know how the game can turn and make wise decisions accordingly.


Poker is 90% about getting dealt with strong pocket cards and strengthening them with the pre-flop, the flop, and finally the river cards. But how do you know if your hand beats your opponents’ or not? Consult the following list of hands arranged in descending order of their priorities-

  1. Royal Flush

This is the strongest hand wherein a combination of your pocket cards and the 5 drawn streets account for an ace, king, queen, jack, and the number 10 card; all of the same suite and play in 1bet2u Indonesia.

  1. Straight Flush

A straight flush is one where you are dealt with 5 cards of the same suite in a sequence.

  1. Four of a kind

4 similar cards dealt is what accounts for a four of a kind

  1. Full House

If your cards constitute a three of a kind of any card as well, as a pair of any card, is what is termed as a Full House

  1. Flush

If you can account for 5 cards of the same suite (not necessarily in a sequence) is when you have a flush with you

  1. Straight

5 cards in a sequence but not of the same suite

  1. Three of a kind

Having three cards of the same rank is what is called a three of a kind

  1. Two pair

Two distinct pairs of cards

  1. Pair

Two cards of the same rank are what make up a pair

  1. High card

If your cards do not fulfill any of the above criteria, then you are judged as per the highest card you have got


  • Never monitor your balance. This may sound like a weird tip, but it works wonders. If you keep monitoring your balance, every win, however insignificant it may be, gives you pleasure, but even the smallest hit in the balance puts you off from your game and you want to mitigate for the same ASAP. With this mindset, one most likely does not think straight and ends up losing more rather than making up for previous losses due to the psychological pressure in the mind.
  • Poker is a combination of art and science and being its Picasso and Einstein takes forever. The art part requires you to be totally attentive while on the table observing the change in bets of every person and the science part subsequently asks you to analyze the possible hand that they have and act accordingly.
  • Never play poker for real money just because you are bored. This makes perfect sense, right because only someone stupid would be willing to risk their money out of boredom instead of getting up and doing something.
  • A good gambler always knows when to quit because gambling is the biggest addiction of them all. Once someone has tasted victory and money, there is no stopping them from going for more. This tilt and selfish nature are what often lead to people going bankrupt just because they could not give up. So if you wish to be a good gambler and earn money through online poker, know when it is the right time to walk away from the table and not let it affect you too much.

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