My Journey To Las Vegas Trip

City of lights is the best name that one can give to Las Vegas, as the city is not only lit in all terms and meanings. Las Vegas trip is a trip to remember as the fun is never-ending and comes with a heady concoction of culture and local traditions. There is nothing about this city that says boring or regular.  It is one of the best times I had! 

The city of excitements

How can one forget the very famous Las Vegas sign that one will come across while entering the city and that is exactly where one’s journey begins. This place is all about getting a picture and move on to the next stop. Staying in Las Vegas is also another of the places that people look forward to as there are loads of options to choose from. The themed hotels and resorts have also gained way too much popularity these days as one can live like a king while vacationing amid every possible thrill and comfort.

Enjoy the brunches and dinners at some of the best joints where one can have some of the best delicacies from all across the globe served with some of the finest drinks and wine that will excite one’s taste buds. The buffets are also one of the biggest attractions as the buffets served here are not bland, but some of the finest collection of gastronomical cuisine. After a fulfilling lunch one can head on for some shopping at some of the best spectacular shops and outlets whether one is brand crazy or not.

When the sun sets, there is no other place to be but at some of the best casinos in town. After all, you cannot have a Vegas story without some win and lose experiences to tell your friends about. The idea is to go all cheap into these places, but try things that one has always wished to start from slots to cards.

Mountains and deserts

City life of Vegas is no doubt the biggest attraction, but one cannot enjoy a completely new place without seeing some of the best sightseeing locations with some historical importance attached to it. Las Vegas is a destination where one can enjoy vast open deserts and mountains together like the Mount Charleston with campgrounds and ski resort. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon south rim for seeing the geographical wonder along with the architectural wonder giving the very glimpses of American history at the Hoover dam. As there is always a need to see some beauty of the past, the Neon Museum was the next stop where the number of old signages and boards of businesses around Las Vegas is overwhelming and also it is one of the most photogenic places to be at.  

Las Vegas without a doubt is one of the best places to experience the cultural whirlwind like the Fremont Street and the downtown Las Vegas, where the current trends are at their peak and the number of things to enjoy is not in any doubt. 

A trip to the Sin city is a journey that one cannot forget as it will not only push one to its limit, but will also make one see the birth and death of many cultures all piled up together living harmoniously.

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